Founded in 1992, TiE, short for The Indus Entrepreneurs, is a global nonprofit organization focused on fostering entrepreneurship through Mentoring, Networking, Education, Funding and Incubation. With a focus of giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing the next generation of Entrepreneurs through its 61 chapters across the globe.

The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM), an initiative by the Government of Karnataka, serves as the strategic knowledge bridge between the government and the industry. Its primary goal is to accelerate growth and attract investments in Karnataka’s thriving IT sector.

Currently celebrating our silver jubilee, for the past 25 years, TiE Bangalore, has been actively nurturing startups and fostering innovation in one of India’s key technology hubs. Through the 5 key pillars of TiE, we offer a robust ecosystem of support, resources, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.

TiE Hubli is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in the heart of North Karnataka, fostering a vibrant startup culture in a rapidly developing economic zone. The chapter promotes entrepreneurship with mentorship, funding and networking events, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.

TiE Mangaluru, launched this year, energizes entrepreneurship in the Silicon Beach ecosystem of coastal Karnataka. Collaborating closely with TiE Bangalore, this new chapter channels top-tier resources to support local entrepreneurs and help the city’s diverse industries thrive.

TiE Mysuru has been a driving force in promoting entrepreneurship in Karnataka’s cultural capital. By leveraging the city’s rich heritage, they regularly host events, workshops and seminars to inspire and support entrepreneurs, facilitating their growth within the local ecosystem.

MMActiv is a leading integrated B2B media organization specializing in creating impactful trade shows, conferences and publications across various sectors. With a focus on fostering industry growth, MMActiv connects professionals, innovators and decision-makers through meticulously curated events and media solutions.

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