When will the summit take place?

The summit will be held from 9th to 12th December 2024

Where will it be held?

The summit will be held at BIEC, Bangalore from the 9th - 11th December 2024, and Infosys Campus, Mysore on 12th December, 2024.

What is the theme of the summit?

The theme of the summit is “Putting Entrepreneurship First.” TiE’s mission is to democratize entrepreneurship, creating an inclusive platform without barriers. The summit aims to democratize and promote entrepreneurship as a first career choice.

Who are the keynote speakers?

Our esteemed panel of keynote speakers will be announced soon.

Who should attend?

TiE welcomes entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, exhibitors, professionals and students eager to explore the forefront of innovation and business. Whether you're a startup founder seeking mentorship, an investor scouting for the next big opportunity or an industry expert looking to expand your network, this summit is your gateway to growth and success.

What can attendees expect?

At TiE Global Summit 2024, participants can anticipate a comprehensive exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship. The event will feature industry experts from various sectors who will provide valuable insights. The summit will include startup pitch competitions, extensive networking sessions, mentoring opportunities, tech experience zones and much more! TGS2024 is also set to feature over 100 inspirational speakers and showcase domains such as deeptech, agritech, green world, social entrepreneurship, biotech, culture & tourism, digital public goods, fintech, education, healthcare and emerging markets.

How do I register?

Click on any of the registration icons on the website. You will be redirected to the registration page.

When will passes be available? How much will passes cost?

We will be announcing this information shortly. Stay tuned.

How can I become a sponsor or exhibitor?

Reach out to us via the registration form or reach out to us shreya@tiebangalore.org or deepal@tiebangalore.org

Are there any exclusive perks for TiE members attending the summit?

Yes! TGS2024 is free for all Charter Members!

How do I stay updated on news and announcements?

To stay updated, follow our social media handles:

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